Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am currently performing nanoparticle research as a post doctoral fellow with the leadership of three advisors, Dr. John Essigmann, Dr. Gerald Wogan and Dr. Michael Strano.  My current project involves the use of single wall carbon nanotubes as sensors for different disease states, with a focus on inflammation and cancer.

Essigmann Lab summer 2011

Essigmann Lab summer 2011

I have worked with several very talented undergraduates at MIT, some of the students that I have worked with are:

Wogan Lab Group 2011

Wogan Lab Group 2011

Mia Shandell who has gone on to Columbia University to complete her Ph.D.
Vsevolod (Seva) Ivanov who has graduated from MIT and has gone to Cal Tech to persue a Ph.D. in theoretical physics
Esha Atolia who will be graduating from MIT in the spring of 2014
Edgardo (Eddie) Farias who will be graduating from MIT in the spring of 2015
Sarah Moore who was a summer student in our lab and returned to Wheaton College to finish her degree
Daniele Evangelista Leite da Silva who was a summer student in our lab and returned to Wellesley College to finish her degree

Strano Lab group holiday party 2011

Strano Lab group holiday party 2011

Rutgers University


Don, Jocie, Aaron, Jing, Nicole, Pia, Vanesa, Linda, Becky, Prabhas, Ram and Er at the Moghe Group’s summer party

I completed my graduate degree at Rutgers University, performing research in Prabhas Moghe’s lab.  I  investigated the ability of amphiphilic nanoparticles to inhibit highly oxidized low density lipoprotein internalization by macrophage cells with and without encapsulated agonists.  I also examined the cellular consequences of the nanoparticles, specifically the alteration of gene expression and protein activation.

I have had the privilege of working with many talented undergraduate students at Rutgers University, some of those that were part of the Cardiovascular Group while I was involved with the project are:


Ekta and Tosin presenting their work

Eileen Dawson who went on to pursue her PhD at The University of Texas at Austin
Jessica Nikitczuk who went on to pursue her MD, PhD at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Oluwatosin Onibokun who went on to pursue her MD at Yale Medical School
Ekta Patel who graduated at the top of her class and went directly to industry, working at Accenture
Pratik Shah who continued working in the lab until receiving his MS and going into industry

Mayo Clinic

During my graduate work I was able to participate in a summer internship at the Mayo Clinic where I worked in the laboratory of Gary Sieck, under the direction of Carlos Mantilla, on examining the difference in gene expression of muscle cells of varying size within mouse tissues.

University of Minnesota

As an undergraduate I participated in research in the labs of Natalia Tretyakova, looking at interstrand DNA cross-linking, and Jianyi Zhang, where I worked with both in vitro and in vivo systems.


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